my 2024 fumble list

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resolutions 2024

i don’t write down resolutions every year. they are mostly just a background thought in my mind like “i should read more next year” or “i should release my projects next year”. this year i’m writing them down cause why not.

most of these are increasing the things i enjoyed doing in 2023. some of these are stuff that can never happen (completing side projects) and some of these are totally new stuff that i want to try!

here we go. no priority intended.



  • read anything properly everyday

    a good article, a short story, an essay, a poem, a chapter. anything. i’ve noticed i’m not good with books but i go through articles and short stories often. planning to add some more habit and structure to it.

  • books

    i miss how i used to read books. now i have a love hate relationship with them. i know i can’t hit these goals. but here we go.

    • at least one book every 2 months ((re)starting slow!)
    • try to complete books you thought to complete first


i love movies. my movie watching habit came back in 2023. no goals other than just watch a lot of them. maybe a target of 150 is good. 100 is too easy (2 movies a week) and 200 is a little too hard (4 a week). so 3 movies a week it is.

i wouldn’t mind if i don’t hit this target though as long as i’m content with the variety of movies i watch. happy ones, sad ones, funny ones, tragic ones, artsy ones, silly ones, old ones, new ones, good ones, bad ones, everything. except horror. it would be a cold day in hell when i start watching horror.


i played a couple of games this year that i really liked. hoping to continue the trend. mainly will focus on first person puzzles (portal’s my favourite game!), platformers, roguelikes and anything which i find fun.

i also know what you’re thinking. “i’m sure you have games that you didn’t complete”. i do. i have enough things that make me worried about completing them. games are not those (yet).



even if i read 0 words next year, i should have written to my heart’s content. movie and game reviews, posts like this, articles on what i am working on. just. type words on screen.


well. of course. it wouldn’t be a software developer’s resolution list unless it had this. want to complete a few projects next year. but more than that i want to pick up a few new things:

  • i learnt gamedev a few months ago (!) and after completing all the 2d chapters of Chris Bradfield’s godot book, i couldn’t get the time (skill issue) to get more into it. thinking to change that next year. if you want to see my newfound gamedev skills, check out space rocks, one of the games from the book. i made a few changes and made it run on web (mostly). pretty fun.

  • more creative coding! it’s a rite of passage to get into shaders after a few hours of game dev. that’s what i did. realised i’m not very good at it. but i still want to make some pretty stuff dance on screen. mathematical simulations are on top of that. maybe i’ll binge watch and code along the entire coding train catalogue. reminds me of my codepen days.


i love clicking photos. i should take more photos and more than that, properly share it even if i personally find most of them mid.



travelled a good amount in 2023. want to do more of it in 2023 – both solo and with closed ones.

share more stuff

people who know me would be surprised by this. i do a lot of things but don’t really share them. but i should. i feel like sharing more is the more general term for shipping more. share the things you write, share the movies you like, share your thoughts, share the things you make, share the photos you take.

i suck at all these. maybe this post could be a start to fixing it.

thanks for reading and watch me fumble all of these in 2024.