Website colophon

This page outlines technical details about this website. You can learn more about the purpose and content of the website, as well as the author on the About page.


  • This is a static site made using the Hugo SSG.
  • It uses the Kaktus theme made by me. It is a fork of the Cactus theme. The original theme had too much unnecessary stuff for me like comments, jQuery, etc. All the bloat was removed, the weird right-aligned TOC was changed to something more pragmatic, CSS and JS minification was implemented, a11y was improved, etc.
  • The website is only shipped with ≈ 4kB of CSS and < 1kB of JS. It gets almost 100 on all categories in Lighthouse.
  • All the posts are written using Markdown with a couple of extensions like footnotes, etc.


  • The code for this site is hosted on GitHub in a private repository.
  • Cloudflare Pages is used to build and host the static site on every push to the said repository.
  • Cloudflare’s CDNs, DNS and firewall services are used too.
  • Cloudflare’s Page Rules are used to handle redirection in some links.